The 9th annual high school ultimate championships will be held on Saturday, June 8th from 9am-5pm at the all-weather turf at Mainland Common and Soccer NS facility in Clayton Park, Halifax.

This year we have the whole complex, both outdoor and indoor. That means up to 8 fields. Based on past growth we think we can fit at least 20 teams into the schedule, but maybe as many as 24.

We are now accepting school bids and will be confirming attendance to set up the schedule. Please let us know by May 1st if your school is interested and how many teams you plan to enter. A typical team consists of about 14 players (8 guys and 6 girls) which would give you two full lines. But you can have more or less, depending on interest or level of fitness. Tournament costs will be $150-200 per team. Priority for entries will be given to the first team from each school. If we do not have have 24 individual school teams will start to accept second teams from schools that have requested it. Priority will be given based on past participation in the tournament and rankings. We will finalize the teams by May 17th so that we can then finalized the schedule by May 24th.

With such a large number of teams in one day we will be forming two divisions, an upper and lower. We will do our best to fit teams into the right pool. When you confirm your team(s) any information related to where you see them ranked will help. We can also try and set up pre-tournament games between schools should you wish to see how you measure up. This should occur before May 24th though in order to be considered for the schedule.

If there are any questions or if there is anything you need (including discs) please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Stefan Furey at 424-4743. We have volunteers who can help put on clinics and provide some coaching to get your team ready for the tournament. We expect to have lots of volunteers at the event and can assign experienced players on tournament day to help with some strategy, if you would like.

We will continue to have the huck (longest throw) competition and will bring back the team spirit prize initiated last year.

Please forward this annoucement to anyone you think may be interested in this tournament.

Look forward to hearing from you.