Who are we?

DiscNS is the governing body for disc sports in Nova Scotia. Formally, the Nova Scotia Disc Sports Society, it is the organizations goal to promote participation in Disc Sports throughout Nova Scotia and to provide resources, policy, and a unified voice to players, leagues, clubs and all members of the Disc Sport community.

What are disc sports

Disc sports include most any sport played with a flying disc (otherwise know by the trademarked name "Frisbee"). The most popular disc sports are Ultimate and Disc Golf. Goaltimate, Double Disc Court and Guts are also popular in some regions.

What does Disc NS do?

  • Serve as the governing body for disc sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf, representing the interests of these sports and the interests of all players to both government and non-government institutions
  • Promote the growth and development, including educational programs, of disc sports throughout the Province of Nova Scotia
  • Encourage and support the participation of individuals, teams, and organizations in disc sprts in Nova Scotia
  • Encourage fun in disc play and emphasize that participation in disc sports be carried out in a friendly and honest manner
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities for all who wish to participate in disc sports, regardless of their skill level or desire for competition
  • Provide a means to facilitate open and continuous communication within disc sports networks and the wider sports community
  • Obtain and manage the necessary finances, personnel, and equipment to make the main purposes of the Society possible
  • Provide liability insurance to all eligible disc sports teams in Nova Scotia who have registered with the Society
  • Act as the vehicle through which the ongoing activities of disc sports in Nova Scotia are organized, including, but not limited to, overseeing competitions
  • Join and comply with all aspects of Sport Nova Scotia and Recreation Nova Scotia