• Anchor wins gold at 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships.

    Photo credit to Ultimate Canada

  • 2017 Nova Scotia high school provincials

  • Tournament of Fools, Spring Mixed Tournament in Halifax

  • C4UC 2015

    Team Nova Scotia wins silver at Canadian 4on4 Nationals in 2015

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Try our foam discs! These are great for youth indoor Ultimate with kids under 12.
Ultimate Equipment
Hammonds Plains Disc Golf has a free course just outside the city.
Disc Golf Courses
Learn to Play workshops for schools and community groups covering Ultimate and/or Disc Golf.
Ultimate Workshops


What is DISCover?

Disc Nova Scotia offers introductory youth programming in schools and camps known as our DISCover program.

The DISCover program provides groups of participants an introduction to Ultimate (Frisbee) and/or disc golf. Participants are led through a range of age appropriate skills, exercises, drills, and scrimmages, in hands-on workshops led by a program facilitator. The primary goals of the program are to:

1. Expose participants to disc sports

2. Introduce specific disc sport skills (throwing, catching, defending, receiving)

3. Provide a basic understanding of the rules and game play


When is DISCover offered?

The program typically starts in the spring while school is still in session. During July and August, instructors can  be available for sessions at camps. The length of time per session is usually between 30 minutes (a short gym class) and two hours.

Disc Nova Scotia charges a small fee to schools and organizations in order to participate in our program. This fee helps cover the cost of equipment and coaches.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.